Since the founding over 50 years ago, A-konsultit Architects has worked on an even level in building and urban design so that the two approaches, scales, and working methods enrich each other. The buildings are adapted to the historical and morphological whole, and on the other hand, in the urban design projects the buildings and public spaces are given a credible form and dimensioning from the very beginning.

Central fields of activity for the office have been projects for housing, public buildings and residential areas, development and preservation of cultural milieus as well as comprehensive and detailed planning. The scale of the assignments completed so far covers the architect's work in its full diversity.

We apply an analytical and interactive working method with innovative and sustainable solutions as objective. The design concepts are processed through internal discussions. Our staff has in recent decades been kept at a stable level - around 12-15 architects + assistant designers - and a universally applicable approach has been raised over a specialized one in order to protect and enhance the architectural holistic quality of both individual projects and of the work of the office as a whole. As part of the qualitative development, we have - not without success - continuously participated in national and international architectural competitions.