Our working method emphasizes interactivity and analysis. Our concepts are laboriously crafted in internal workshops, out of which innovative, motivated solutions are born.

Our office has lately consisted of 12-15 leading architects accompanied by assisting personnel. Our total number of collaborators is around 20 persons.

In order to keep on evolving we actively engage in architectural competitions. Success in these has lead to us being able to broaden our scope of work.

Pen and paper still plays an important role in our work. On the other hand we are a leading firm in the adoption of Bim, Building information modeling, a method we have used since the early 90s. Many of our projects have broken new gound in BIM, and gained international fame. 

Span of Work

Our work covers a broad spectrum. We work with desigining housing and housing areas, developing and preserving historically important surroundings, designing and renovating public buildings and doing zoning of small or big areas - to name just a few. The scale of our work varies from lighting design to master plans covering hundreds of kilometres. Strategic planning – be it work environments or the development of vast areas – has lately become an important part of our work.


Early on we got to design new buildings into existing contexts. From this moment on the dialogue between old and new has become an important part of our work. It is not a question of “adapting” a building into an existing environment, but bringing a new personality into the conversation. This new person has to adjust to our analysis of the context as a whole. The space is more important than the individual expression of a singular building.