Ecological prefabricated detached house

The Finnish Cultural Foundation ordered eight architectural firms for competitive archetypes of an ecological house that is suitable for mass production. Our suggestion, alongside with three other suggestions, was chosen for further elaboration.

Our suggestion is based on the idea of a prefabricated, monolithic technical heart that centralizes all the building services. The rest of the house will be built in place either with construction elements or of wood.

The indoor spaces are situated around the heart and they are easily transformable. The kitchen - living room - office area is the spatial heart of the house. The indoors are formed of two lamellas varying in lenght, of which the longer one is a "self-contained" basic unit. The variations in the shape and number of floors of the shorter lamella are an easy way of providing supporting rooms to complement the basic unit.

The ecological aspects are realized on many levels. The building is mostly made of wood and therefore it operates as a carbon storage. Most of the building materials are locally available.

The aim is to accomplish controlled thermoregulation in the heart of the building. Variations in indoor temperatures are allowed in the surrounding rooms as the monolithic heart levels them. Further need of warmth can be solved with an effective and ecological hearth that can be connected to the hearth reservation in the technical heart.


Client: Kulttuurirahasto
Designers: Anders Adlercreutz,
Eric Adlercreutz