Heltech Holkkitie

The City of Helsinki Real Estate Department commissioned our office to make a report on the strategic solutions for the space requirements of vocational schools. The work was done in close cooperation with the Education Agency.

In Helsinki's vocational schools the number of students has increased by more than 2000 students in the 2000s. The number of students will continue to increase, but the rising need for space has not been met.

In the report we suggest the new degree places to be situated in campus units. With the development of campuses, it is possible to give up the impractical premises.

As part of the study, a plan was drawn up for the development of the Holkkitie site as a campus for technical engineering. The campus should have spaces and necessary outdoor areas for studies in logistics, machining and mechanics, building construction, building technology and surface finishing.

The gross floor area of the project is 37 700 sqm.

Location: Helsinki
Initiated: 2012
Completed: 2015
Client: City of Helsinki - Real Estate Department
Designers: Jyrki Iso-Aho