Hanken - Svenska handelshögskolan

Award winning renovation of the main building of Hanken School of Economics in Helsinki. This project has got international attention as a textbook example of a renovation of postwar architecture.

The philosophy behind the renovation was to divide the interior into zones, according to methods they were renovated. The building services were brought up to date in all of the zones. The first zone consisted of public and valuable spaces in which the alterations were made by restoring everything back into original shape. Teaching and working premises were repaired by the principle of honouring the original. In this second zone the alterations were allowed to show, but the colour scheme, materials and forms were designed to match the original. The third zone consisted of new and completely reformed spaces where new elements were allowed to be in a dominant role. In these premises matching of the original and the new was an important factor too.

The user commissioned us also to design the decor, the restauration of the original furniture and new special furniture. In the procurements of the user we have usually taken care of the duties of the developer, offer requests, competitive bidding and the supervision of the execution in addition to design.

Location: Helsinki
Initiated: 1996
Client: Valtion kiinteistölaitos / Svenska Handelshögskolan
Designers: Eric Adlercreutz
Johannes von Martens