Sansinpelto day-care centre

The day-care centre will be built for five groups of children.

The building site is skirted by habitation and a park area. The building divides the site in two, leaving the parking on the east side and the playground on the west side of the site.

The day-care centre is pronouncedly low towards the neighbouring site - the gable roof rises slightly to the south making the southern end of the building two floors high. The wide building frame is lit by skylights allowing daylight into the central hallways that are also used as classrooms.

A multipurpose space that can be divided into separate spaces splits the day-care centre in two, working as the functional heart of the building.

The main materials used on the facades are red brick and wood.

Location: Kauniainen
Initiated: 2011
Completed: 2014
Client: City of Kauniainen
Size: 1540 brm²
Designers: Anders Adlercreutz,
Annika Väisänen