Kehä II:n jatkeen keventäminen

Joint planning of urban structures and transport.

The continuation of the Ring II from the Länsiväylä-Turuntie section to Hämeenlinna has long been one of the most difficult and unresolved issues in the general design of the Helsinki metropolitan area. The city structure plan we made for the Espoo, Vantaa and Helsinki cities together with the SITO Oy's simultaneous road survey aimed to provide an answer to this problem. If the roads were built as a lighter version and not to the motorway standards, the real estate building potential would be nearly doubled to 880 000 square meters while the costs would fall more than 100 M€. The most important sites are Rastaala and Kolmenkaupunginsolmu, for which illustrative conceptual plans were made.

Initiated: 2012
Client: The Metropolitan area, Centre For Economic Development, Trasport and the Environment, The Cities of Helsinki, Vantaa and Espoo
Designers: Riikka von Martens, Staffan Lodenius