Renovation of Hakaniemi Market Hall

The hall, designed by Karl Hård af Segerstad, completed in 1914 is protected by a town plan. The City of Helsinki Real Estate Department commissioned a project plan for the renovation and new underground facilities for the Hakaniemi Market Hall. These plans were completed in 2014. In 2016 we prepared the implementation documents for the site.

The end part of the building that in the 1970’s was renovated as social facilities and an engineroom, will be restored to it’s original use as a shop and café space. Otherwise the market hall will continue to operate as normal after the renovation.

The biggest architectural challenge has been the reorganization of building services. Now the channels and machines are located along the shopping corridors and the space feels cramped and confusing. The volume of the space was brought to the front by placing the lower level building services to the basement and the upper floor building services mainly into the attic.

A separate project plan was made to transfer the goods and waste management of Hakaniemi Market Hall to a service yard which will be built under the market square. The project plan also includes an underground connection from the Hakaniemi Metro station to the market hall. It seems like the construction of these will be moved further forward to the future.

The refurbishment of the Hakaniemi Market Hall will start after the temporary market hall is finished.

Location: Helsinki
Initiated: 2012
Completed: 2018
Client: City of Helsinki - Real Estate Department
Size: 4860 brm²
Designers: Jyrki Iso-Aho
Päivi Vaheri
Hasse Hägerström
Pasi Mänttäri