Helen pumping stations

The power plant in Vuosaari requires two pumping stations to be built in order to transport the district heat to the high-consumption area of the Helsinki city center. The planning of the pumping stations started in 2015 by mapping suitable building sites in co-operation with the planner. Two areas were selected for construction, one located in Herttoniemi and one in Puotila. Both pumping stations consist of the pumping hall and its auxiliary spaces. Because the two building sites have their own special features, the buildings are designed very differently despite the same technical criteria.

The Hitsaajankatu pumping station is situated in a more urban setting which requires the building to be fitted to the surrounding urban structure. The restrictions set by the site have led to a two-storey solution which complements the urban structure, and also respects the integrity of the nearby Bronze Age burial memorial.

The Meripellontie pumping station is situated in a more leafy and spacious building site where the terrain makes it possible to carry out the pumping station on a single floor and hidden in the terrain. The aim has been to preserve the green area by burying the building as deep as possible. The only visible element of the building is a curved facade that acts as a supporting wall, which rises from the upper green area to form a barrier against falling.

Both buildings have been designed as Building Information projects, utilizing a combination of IFC-models made by different design sectors. Our office has been responsible for the IFC-model coordination.

Location: Helsinki
Sijainti: Hitsaajankatu 2 ja Meripellontie 16
Initiated: 2015
Client: Helen Oy
Designers: Jyrki Iso-Aho
Ville Kuhmonen
Tapani Lehtinen